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Many plazas will have a pylon sign or a monument sign that lists all of the businesses in that plaza. This can help people who are looking for a specific business, and it also advertises to new customers. Monument signs and pylon signs are installed where they can be seen by people driving by for this reason.

Pylon signs usually refer to signs that are taller than they are wide and monument signs refer to the opposite. They both accomplish the same task, but when there are one of each like in the plaza we were working in, having different names for the different styles helps to distinguish which sign you’re referring to avoid confusion.

In our previous blog, we went over the new Supercuts in Claremont that we were handling the outdoor signage for. The storefront was going to get brand new signage, but for the pylon and monument signs, we went to take the panels down during the first trip so we could route the logo out of the existing panels. Since there was an empty suite, there were blank panels for the new tenant with nothing on them.

Both signs were internally illuminated so we were going to route the logo out the existing aluminum panels and back it with red acrylic so, at night time, you could see the business name in the signature Supercuts red. However, we ran into an issue during our first trip out there. One of the panels on the pylon sign couldn’t be removed so we were only able to take 3 of them back to our shop.

After speaking with the owner regarding what they wanted to do, we decided to put the logo made from cut red vinyl onto the face while it was still on the pylon sign. Although it wouldn’t illuminate like the other side, you can still see the familiar Supercuts logo in the daytime.

With pylon signs, it’s difficult to determine what needs to be done for the job until you’re able to get up there with a lift so you never know what kind of snags you might run into. Luckily we were able to find a quick and easy fix.

All of the outdoor signage looks great and is sure to attract customer to this new location. Feel free to check out our website galleries for other monument signsfront-lit channel letters, and window graphics we’ve done.