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We’ve done quite a few vinyl jobs for Boswell Construction over the years to help them out with their vehicle advertising. Boswell Construction is a Los Angeles-based construction company that specializes in luxury custom homes. Because of this, they have many company cars due to the fact that they are always driving to the customer’s location. One of the best ways a company like this can advertise is by having their company name and contact information on their company vehicles. Their vehicle advertising will receive many impressions while parked outside of their location, driving to the customer, parked at the customer’s location, and even while stuck in traffic.

You want your vehicle graphics to have a message that can be read quickly since most people seeing it don’t have a lot of time to read a lot of text. The most important thing you want to include is your company logo. If you’re branding your business properly, you are using the same logo for all of your marketing including your business cards, signage, websites, etc.

Along with your logo, you want to include some type of contact information. This can be a phone number, website, or E-mail address depending on how you want people to find you. For example, a food truck will probably emphasize things like their website and social media accounts while a plumber would just put a phone number and maybe a website if the company is tech-savvy. If you want customers to call in to ask questions about your business and the services you offer, you’ll want to have a graphic of your phone number. In this case, Boswell Construction wanted to advertise their website. Their business focuses on aesthetics so they want consumers to go onto their website to see photos of homes they’ve made before. What you have as vehicle graphics is completely customizable and dependent on what you want to achieve with your business.

Something else they wanted to make sure to include was their hashtag, #buildboswell. Most people have a smartphone now and if they are on social media, they can easily pull out their phone to see what they can find under #buildboswell. It makes sense that they would want to push this hashtag because one of the most hashtag heavy social media platforms is Instagram which is strictly a photo-based social media platform. This is a great way to have new people find their photos online to gain new customers.