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Earlier this year we installed a front-lit channel letter sign for Forest Lawn’s new office in Whittier, California. A few months later, they contacted us for more signage for the same location. Their storefront area was comprised mostly of windows so they wanted to use that to their advantage. Many stores will have window storefronts. These empty spaces are basically a blank canvas for your advertising and branding. Some people simply paint seasonal images to attract customers, and some will go a more permanent route and put up the vinyl. Window vinyl can range from small cut graphics to full graphics that are printed on perforated vinyl. Forest Lawn wanted a signage solution that was in-between those two.

They had images that they knew they wanted to display that had photos of their memorial locations with slogans and their logo. These were made into six individual posters that we hung from the inside. Before making all of them, we sent them a few different sample posters so they could decide which substrate they wanted to go with. They ended up choosing sibond, which is a substrate we use quite frequently for our signs. Sibond is a rigid material that has a polycarbonate core that is sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. It’s great for mounting digital prints and we have used this for many clients, including prints for several Hustler Hollywood stores.

Even with these large posters installed, they still had room for vinyl graphics on the door and some for one of the blank windows. On the door, they wanted their logo which we digitally printed and small text with the store information. Something else that many businesses will want to display on their windows is their contact information so we cut white vinyl lettering for their phone number and website. Forest Lawn is a well-known name so it’s a good idea for them to repeat their company name/logo as much as they do. They also incorporate their logo colors in a lot of their marketing which is a great way to create brand recognition.

The storefront looks great, and it will definitely help people not only find the location but advertise the business more. Digital prints are very versatile and can be helpful to all businesses. To see another example of interior mounted digital prints, go ahead and check out our blog on the interior signs we did for PediniLA. If you want to start a sign project with us, you can request a quote here.