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Real Property Management is a nationwide property management franchise organization. Their West San Fernando Valley office is just up the street from us and we have worked with them before for lawn signs and window graphics they needed. Earlier this year, Real Property Management West San Fernando Valley contacted us for a few lawn post and panel signs that we made for them a couple years back. They wanted the design to beĀ identical to the previous ones, just with updated information for new properties.

They keep their design simple so it is easy to read from the street. Lawn signs are called lawn signs because they’re installed into soft dirt outside and are meant to advertise to those driving by. In this case, Real Property Management wanted to advertise some apartments that were available. The first information that catches your eye is the number of bedrooms that are in the apartments available. Most people already have this established when they start to look for an apartment or a house so this information will tell them right away whether or not this location would be of interest to them.

Another thing to advertise are any amenities that may be important to a potential tenant. Parking in this part of Van Nuys can be very difficult so someone would definitely want to move to this location as opposed to another that doesn’t have parking. And of course, you want to include contact information and the company logo. Although the sign is posted right outside of the address, it is also listed on the sign so you can tell exactly where the sign is advertising for, and you can look it up on the website or call to inquire for more details.

The frames we use for these types of signs are high-quality vinyl posts. They are our number one choice for outdoor post & panel signs because they are durable and long-lasting. If you’re putting a sign outside in the strong Los Angeles sun, you want something that can withstand the weather. The digital print that is hung up is vinyl on rigid aluminum that is laminated for extra durability.

The sign is double-sided and our installers made sure that the information could be seen clearly from both sides of traffic when they were installing the sign. Within an hour of the sign being installed, Real Property Management told us that they were already getting calls for the location. We’re glad that our signage is effective and bringing potential tenants for our customer.