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We have been working with Slade Industrial Landscape for several years with different types of signage. But one of the type of advertising a contractor consistently needs is vehicle graphics. Every year their company grows and every year they get new company vehicles that are going out on jobs. Consistency is key with brand recognition so we keep a similar design for all of their vehicles. The layout does need to be changed though, for the different types of vehicles they bring in.

Most recently, they needed graphics for a Ford F-150. Most trucks will have plenty of space on the doors so that’s where we put their logo and most of the information they wanted to display. Many companies will also have vans for their company cars which have plenty of space all around, but we need to be a little more efficient with our space when working with trucks. On both doors, we have all of the basic information that you would want to advertise. The logo, contact information, a description of the business services, and any certification that should be displayed. Things like your contact information and business services are optional, but if you’re a contractor, you need to have your contractor’s license on the vehicle.

Aside from the sides of the vehicle, you want some graphics on the back of your vehicle. The back of your vehicle is seen a lot, especially when you’re on the road so you want to do what you can to increase the impressions your vehicle advertising gets. The layout was changed to suit the wider space, but all of the same information is there. The band really helps draw attention and you can tell that they’re trying to encourage people to give them a call because the phone number is very prominent and printed in yellow. Even if you have different information on your vehicle, using different font sizes, font types, and colors can determine what people will see first.

On top of advertising their services, they’re also using the space they have to advertise that they’re looking for new employees. This is displayed on both the sides and the back of the truck bed in English and in Spanish which is a great idea since Los Angeles has a high percentage of Spanish speakers.

We can create great designs for your vehicle advertising and include all of the information you want without looking too busy.