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Oriental Motor USA Corporation is a global provider of motion control products. Their Los Angeles location contacted us because they were moving out of their existing building and into a brand new one. They were going to remove the two existing building signs from their current location and wanted brand new signs that looked similar to the existing ones for their new building.

The new building signs didn’t need to light up at night time, but they did want the letters to be very 3-dimensional. Initially, we were considering making non-illuminated reverse channel letters for them. Our reverse channel letters are 3 1/2″ deep and can be painted any color. Reverse channel letters are commonly illuminated so we space them off of the wall so the LEDs can shine on the wall and create a halo around the letters. This is why reverse-lit channel letters are sometimes called halo-lit channel letters. However, when we make them non-illuminated, it’s not necessary to space them off of the wall so they’re mounted flush.

Our original quote was for non-illuminated reverse channel letters, however, during the quoting process they decided to switch to foam dimensional letters. Their previous signs had been foam so they decided to go the same route. Foam is available in very thick options so many people will opt for foam when they want deep letters that don’t need to be seen at night time.

The letters in Oriental Motor’s sign were made from 3″ thick foam and were painted white. They painted sections of the new building their company blue and we installed their new signs on top to emulate their logo. Their building will definitely be recognized by anyone driving by.

Along with the building signs, we also made a smaller piece of signage, a window graphic for their glass door.

Displaying your logo on your front door can help show customers where to go while letting them know that they’re in the right place. Repeating your logo multiple times also helps create brand recognition, especially if you have specific colors involved in your logo.

All of Oriental Motor’s new signage looks great, and it’s definitely a great final touch to their new building. Are you looking for a new building sign? If your business doesn’t need to be advertised at night time, you’ll want to opt for a non-illuminated sign. Exterior dimensional letters provide a great 3-dimensional display of your logo and the options are endless.