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In our last blog, we focused on the exterior signs we made and installed for Shadow Hill’s new Mexican restaurant, Taco Ranch. The outdoor signs will help customers find the location and attract new customers, but restaurants can also require many different kinds of interior signage. One of the most important pieces of interior signage for a fast food restaurant is the menu. While restaurants with table service need individual menus, restaurants like Taco Ranch where customers order at the counter requires a large display that not only lists all of the menu items but also looks good with the rest of the interior decor.

The owner of Taco Ranch had completely remodeled the interior for the new restaurant and had space dedicated to the menu boards. She sent us a few photos of a menu board she saw that she liked so we could make something similar. We decided to digitally print the menus and mount them onto MDF wood panels. The panels were installed with clips over aluminum crossbars so they could be removed and serviced if needed. If any of the information needs to be changed in the future, we can take down an individual board and replace the vinyl on it.

Deciding on how to make them was the easy part; now onto the design portion. She sent us photos of what color the wall was going to be along with the menu items so our designer could get started on a design. He incorporated the star that he had designed for the logo into the background and the customer loved it. She did, however, want the menu boards to be predominantly red to go with the red accent on the wall. While that was being updated, the logo was also added to the menu and the star logo was used in more places.

After a few more proofs to finalize the information and the title colors, we decided on the final design that is now up in the restaurant. Actually seeing everything on the menu categorized in a proof can definitely help you see if anything needs to be changed. Proofing is crucial to see how your customers are going to read your menu boards before they’re made. You want to make sure that all of the information makes sense and that you’re not forgetting any important information.

The menu boards look amazing and the subtle touches like the star in the logo being incorporated into the background and the titles really support the branding of this new restaurant.