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The way that people view your business is based on your branding. If your business is online-based, your website design is very important. If you have a business where you have a lot of visitors at your physical location, your signage will say a lot about your company. Affinity Surgery Center just acquired a suite in an office building in Encino. We had done the hallway signs for their existing suite on that floor and they wanted the signage for their new suite to match.

In a large building with different businesses and suites, identification signs are crucial. Having not only your suite number but also your business name displayed on or near in the hallway will help your new and existing customers find your location easily.

Directly on the door, we needed to have their suite number. The numbers were flat-cut out from acrylic and laminated with a metal face. Acrylic letters with a metal laminate face is a very popular look for interior signs. The acrylic can be any color and the metal can be any finish to match the rest of the decor. For Affinity Surgery Center, we went with clear acrylic and brushed aluminum faces.

When we did the same door sign for suite 550, the layers of material were originally reversed. We had a layer of aluminum below the clear acrylic which looks great, but the client was looking for something a little different. After we installed the first set of number, they wanted to see how it would look with the metal on the face. They ended up liking this version better, and this is also what we did for the new suite.

The identification sign with the logo was made in a similar way. The logo and the letters in the logo were cut from clear acrylic with a brushed aluminum laminate face. But instead of installing the letters directly onto the wall like the door sign, the logo was first attached to a clear backer for the whole thing to be installed onto the wall with standoffs. Standoffs not only look nice but if you’re looking to install a clear backer it is the best choice because, with any other mounting method, you would be able to see the adhesive or the studs through the clear substrate.

The use of the clear acrylic and brushed aluminum results in a very high-end look that will definitely reassure customers that they are getting high-end service.