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Channel letters are used when you need individual letters with a lot of dimension. They are also commonly illuminated. Channel letter signs are very popular, and some plazas even require all of the storefront signage to be channel letters.

Channel letters are bent from aluminum and the letter is hollow so LEDs can be installed inside of them. The face is either translucent or opaque depending on the illumination style. If the letters are going to be front-lit, the face will be translucent so whatever is on the face will illuminate at night time. If the letters are going to be reverse-lit, the faces are aluminum but the back of the letters are clear. More specifically, we use Lexan which is a UL listed clear polycarbonate. The reason the back is clear is so LEDs can shine out the back. Reverse-lit channel letters are mounted with spacers so the LEDs have room to shine onto the wall and create a halo-effect around each individual letter. This is why reverse-lit channel letters can also be called halo-lit channel letters.

Mirman School in Los Angeles was looking for a new sign for their main entrance. They wanted individual letters that were reverse-lit so we decided to make them reverse-lit channel letters. We’ve been working on a few things for Mirman School this year. If you haven’t already, check out our blog about the flat-cut letter signs we did for two of the buildings on their campus.

The returns and faces of reverse-lit channel letters can be painted any color to match your logo if needed or you can keep it metallic and have different metal finishes like polished, brushed, or mill finish. Mirman decided on a brushed texture so after the letters were formed, we applied a brushed aluminum laminate to the faces. When we’re using a brushed texture for letters, we usually do a horizontal grain because it’s the same direction that the letters are being read. The other building signs we made were also metallic, which looks great with the exterior of the building. Metal signs are a great choice if you want a high-end look, whether the sign is indoor or outdoor.

This sign was installed right at the entryway of the school and it is sure to make a great impression on anyone that is entering the school. Large dimensional letters make a great impact and work well for any business.