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Resource 4 Signs is your best choice for San Fernando Valley business signage. Western Tool & Supply Co. is a tool store company with multiple locations on the west coast. They opened a new store in our neighborhood and they were looking for a sign company in the area. He found us online and asked about a sign for the building and some graphics for the doors. He sent us a few photos of the exterior signs they already had at their Anaheim location and wanted something similar. The sign didn’t need to be illuminated so we went with acrylic dimensional letters. There were 3 main options for how the sign could look.

Digital Print

Their logo is gold with a gradient so if they wanted the sign to look identical to the logo, we would have digitally printed the gradient pattern to apply to the faces of the letters, similar to what we did for SoCal Tents. Before applying the digital prints, we would paint the letters to make sure that the sides match the faces.

Painted Letters

Another option was to paint the letters a solid color. The sign at their Anaheim location was a maroon color so the client was considering making a similar sign. What we would do is flat-cut the letters and logo from acrylic and paint each individual piece a solid color. If you have a specific color you want, all you need to do is provide us with the Pantone color.

Pre-Pigmented Acrylic

The last option, which is the one that the client decided on was just to have the logo and letters flat-cut from pre-pigmented acrylic. Acrylic comes in basic colors like black, white, red and blue and if you’re not specific about the shade or if you just want black or white, we can simply route the logo from the acrylic as it is for the sign.

A metallic option wasn’t considered for this sign, however, another option would be a metal laminate. Metal comes in countless different colors and finishes and if you want metallic looking letters without purchasing actual metal letters, we can laminate the faces of your acrylic letters and logo with a thin metal laminate. Note that with this option, you can see the acrylic color from the side. Some prefer this look to solid metal and will combine different elements like clear acrylic with a brushed aluminum face or black acrylic with gold faces.

We have the ability to give your sign exactly the look you want, and all of these options can also be applied to interior acrylic signs.