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Our main focus is on permanent signs like building signs, monument signs, and lobby signs, but we also have expertise in temporary signage. Like all of our signs, our temporary signs also use the highest quality material to assure that your sign will look great, even if it’s only going to be in use for a short while.

Western Tool & Supply Co. is a tool supply store with many locations on the west coast. They recently opened a new location very close to us and we handled all of their exterior signage which included a building sign, front door graphics, and rear door graphics. Right after we were hired for the job, the client decided that he wanted something temporary while they were getting ready to open the new store.

The client’s first idea was to put up some vinyl on the windows to say “Coming Soon” along with some contact information. After the designer started laying out the lettering with the size of the windows, it was decided that the letters wouldn’t be large enough to be seen from the street without taking over multiple windows. Not only would that cause gaps in-between the letters, it would also end up in being a very large vinyl print which would end up being more than most people would want to pay for a temporary sign.

For banners like this that are advertising a new business, a sale, or a limited time offer, it’s common to have red block lettering on a white background so the information is easy to read and catches the eye. For the first design, we had “COMING SOON FALL 2017” large, and in red. The storefront can easily be spotted from the street so this was sure to catch the eye of new potential customers. For those who are interested in finding out more information, we included the phone number and website. During the proofing process, we only had one revision which was to also add the E-mail address to the banner in case someone would prefer to E-mail for information instead of call.

After the design was approved, we started making the banner, and we were able to install it right after the main building sign. We mounted it right underneath the acrylic dimensional letters with grommets.