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Henry Printing & Graphic Inc. is a print shop located in Hollywood, California. They were moving locations, but just to another unit in the same plaza. They had an existing cabinet sign but it had been up for a while and the lettering was starting to lift off of it. Instead of moving the old sign to the new storefront, they decided to get a new sign. The new location they were going to also allowed for two signs so getting two brand new signs seemed like the best option. One of the spaces had a sign for a business that was no longer there so we removed that sign for them along with their existing one. Although we don’t handle patching and painting, if you need us to remove an existing sign for you, we can help you out.

The initial design was for illuminated cabinet signs like their existing sign, but with a new design for the faces. The last sign just had the company name in vinyl lettering so this time we were going to go with a digital print with a nice design that incorporated the logo. With cabinet signs, we can really print anything onto vinyl for the faces so as long as you have a high-quality art file ready, we can print it for your sign faces.

We had the design set for the cabinet signs, however, during the proofing process,┬áthe client decided to go a different route. The new design was for two sets of front-lit channel letters. With front-lit channel letters, the faces are acrylic. Acrylic comes in many different colors so we can just use the pre-pigmented acrylic if you don’t need a specific color. However, Henry Printing did want a specific green color so we laid a translucent vinyl on top of white acrylic to give them the exact green they were looking for.

The smaller letters at the bottom weren’t large enough to be made into channel letters and didn’t need to be illuminated so they were flat-cut from acrylic. We painted these smaller letters to a color that was close to the channel letter faces. We needed to make a raceway to install these channel letters so we attached the acrylic letters directly to the building wall underneath the raceway.

With some fascias, we need to build a raceway to hold all of the electrical components. We install the channel letters onto the raceway in our shop and the whole sign is installed as one piece. A lot of the time, we’ll paint the raceway ahead of time to make sure that it blends in with the facade.