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During the summer, Claremont Unified School District contacted us regarding some new signs they needed. Right off of the 210 were two elementary schools, Sumner Elementary School and Danbury Elementary School which were basically in the same location. The two schools were merging so they were in need of new exterior signage to reflect the change.

Each school already had existing signs at their main entrance and they wanted to keep the style of the existing signs, but with the new school name. Since the community was already familiar with both school names, the new name that was decided on was Sumner Danbury Elementary School.

Originally, Sumner Elementary had metallic lettering to the right of their digital marquee sign. After that sign was taken down, they decided that they wanted to move the new one to the left of the digital sign as there was more room and the new school name was going to have more letters. The new school name was flat-cut from aluminum that was anodized clear. Anodizing aluminum makes the material harder, more durable, and less likely to corrode. Especially since the sign would be at a level where elementary school students could reach it, anodizing the aluminum was a good choice. We also spaced these letters off of the wall a little bit to create a little more dimension.

Danbury Elementary had a sign on the awning along with address numbers that they wanted to replace. Although the address wasn’t going to change, they wanted to replace all of the signage on the awning. The font was also going to change so this would also assure that the school name and the address numbers matched.

 We made the new sign to look similar to the existing one, but with higher quality materials. The existing letters were made from a white plastic material that was formed. We decided to use anodized flat-cut aluminum for this sign also which would look better and last longer than what they had previously. Again, anodizing aluminum is a great way to assure durability outdoors, especially individual letters like these which will be in direct sunlight and doesn’t have any protection from the different weather. In order to avoid installation directly onto the awning, the previous letters were put onto a backer first that was painted to match the awning. We used this same method to install the new school name sign and address numbers, once again using aluminum for the backer panels. The awning was a little curved so the sign was made in a few different sections.