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Professional looking hallway signage is important because it is one of the first things a customer sees when entering the building, and without some sort of identification, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish one office suite from another. Uniformity is key when it comes to office building signage so if you need to replace the signage for a tenant, you want to make sure that they all still match.

Roughly a year ago, Milan Capital Management reached out to us for some ADA signs for an office building they manage in North Hollywood. Some of the signs had taken some damage over the years, and some of the business names needed to be updated. When it comes to tenant identification signs, the best style of sign is one with two components. One that is permanent with information that is not going to change, and another part that can be changed out easily. This is exactly how the existing signs were made so it was easy for us to help them with the signage updates.

Before we started manufacturing, we went out to take multiple photos of the existing signs and to take measurements. We wanted to make sure that the new signs would look like the existing ones so we also look at the type of material and how the existing signs are put together.

The backer panels have the room number since that’s something that isn’t going to change. The numbers are raised and there is a Braille translation for the vision impaired. We made a few of the backer panels for them last year along with some of the clear faces that have the tenant’s business name. This year, they just needed a few of the sign faces replaced.

The acrylic for the sign faces are frosted and the company names are made from black vinyl lettering. We also made sure to use the same font as the existing tenant names. The faces are installed in a way that they sit on the bar coming out of the panel, and they are also installed with two standoffs. The backer panel and the sign face both have pre-drilled holes for the standoffs.

Standoffs not only add an element of design, they also make removal and installation very easy so they are a great choice for any signage with information that needs to be changed out. The updated signs look great, and if they ever need us to update some tenant names, we will be able to do so quickly and easily.