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Earlier this year, we made and installed an interior logo sign in San Diego for Coffman Engineers, a structural engineering company with many locations in the United States. They were very happy with how the sign turned out and asked us to make two more for other office locations. One was in Orange County, and they had a second office in San Diego. Their logo color is a shade of blue, however, the first sign we did in San Diego was going onto a blue wall so we custom painted the letters a metallic black color to contrast against the wall. Both walls for the new signs were going to be white drywall.

For the second office in San Diego, they decided to use the company blue with a satin finish. The sign was to be installed on the same wall as an existing lobby sign so we needed to match the size to avoid drawing attention away from the existing logo sign. The Orange County sign was to be the same metallic black as the original sign. However, during the proofing process, they decided to make this sign blue also. If your logo uses a specific color that you want to use for your sign, all you need to do is provide us with the vector art file and we can pull the color from there. You can just give us Pantone color that you like and we can match that also.

Other than the overall sizes and paint color, these signs were made just like the first one we made for Coffman Engineers. “COFFMAN” and the logo are flat-cut from 1/2″ thick acrylic, and “NGINEERS” is made from 1/8″ thick acrylic. The different thicknesses create some contrast and add more dimension to the logo. Especially in the photo of the San Diego sign that is down-lit, you can really see the difference in thickness from the shadows the letters produced.

The signs were flush mounted with adhesive directly onto the wall. Other forms of installing acrylic dimensional letters are stud mounting or having the letters applied to a backer panel first. Stud mounting requires drilling holes into the wall and filling them with silicone. The letters have studs tapped into them, and they are installed into the wall. This is a good option to choose if you’re interested in having your letters spaced off of the wall. With the backer panel option, we usually attach the letters to an acrylic backer and mount the whole thing with standoffs. This also requires a few holes in the wall, but not as many.