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Brand identity is very important for businesses, but mascots are on another level of marketing. For sports teams or schools, the mascot is a crucial character in raising spirits and for marketing purposes. John Thomas Dye School is an independent private elementary school in Bel-Air that was working on some design improvements throughout the school. Their school mascot is the greyhound, which they wanted to be displayed in their school library.

When we’re making a sign from specific artwork, we always need a vector version of the logo. This way we can blow up the logo into a larger size without losing quality. Especially if you have a logo with a lot of layers or a specific font, we need a vector file with everything outlined so we can create the different components of your logo. John Thomas Dye School didn’t have a vector file version of the logo, only a JPG. Usually¬†whoever designed the logo will have all of the different file versions but if you aren’t able to get a hold of a vector file, our last resort would be to re-create the logo. For a design fee, our in-house designer can recreate a vector file version of the logo from whatever file type you can provide us with. The fee is determined by the time it takes to recreate the logo, which is determined by the complexity of the logo and the quality of the file you have. This is a great option if you don’t have the vector file version of your logo because we will provide all of the file types to you after we’re finished so you can have it for all of your branding needs.

We were initially going to make the sign from aluminum that we were going to mount flush onto an existing fixture on the library wall. During the quoting process, the client decided they didn’t want a silver metallic look, but bronze so we gave the aluminum a polished, anodized bronze look. During the proofing process, there was only one change made to the sign which was the mounting process. Instead of a flush mount, we mounted the sign with spacers to make sure the sign wouldn’t conflict with the molding on the fixture. To make sure that the spacers didn’t stand out, we painted them to match the fixture. This is something that we offer for all indoor and outdoor signs that are being mounted with spacers.