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Westlake Landmark is a long-time customer of ours that we’ve done a lot of signage for. Westlake Landmark in Westlake Village, California is part of a 129-acre master planned development that features office buildings, restaurants, retail, homes, a park, and a hotel. One of the most crucial signs in an office building is the tenant ID signs or room ID signs. Without proper signage labeling each room, it would be impossible to navigate to the correct room efficiently.

Uniformity is also an important factor. If you walked into an office building and saw that the door signs were all different shapes, styles, and colors, you wouldn’t feel like you were in a professional setting. Uniform signage is expected when at a business and when the effort is not put in to make sure your signage matches, it can make a very negative impact.

Westlake Landmark understands the importance of good signage so they have matching room ID, tenant ID, and wayfinding signs throughout the property. When signs have information that may need to be changed, it’s a good idea to have a separate section where information can be changed out. We’ve made signs in the past where the backer panel that is secured to the wall is a blank metal panel and a magnetic panel with the tenant or room information. We can also use standoffs and an acrylic panel so whenever new information needs to be updated, we can just replace the acrylic panel. This way we can update information for our customers without having to remove the whole sign and patch and paint the area.

For the signs at Westlake Landmark, the backer panel has a marble texture print and an acrylic panel that has the room number in the raised text and in Braille. The room number is not likely to change so that information is not easy to change. However, the panel above with the room name or tenant name is a digital print on vinyl that is laminated and applied to the acrylic panel. There was a new tenant for suite 100 so we simply digitally printed the new tenant’s information. We went to the location to remove the old vinyl and replaced it with the new vinyl with the new information.

We’ve made many of these for Westlake Landmark so printing the same color and putting in information with the same typeface to match the other signs is very easy to do.