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The logo colors on their current pole sign were outdated so they asked us to replace the sign faces. When we’re asked to replace any sign faces, we always go out to the location first to get the exact measurements of the sign. This is the same case for any box sign whether is it on a building, a monument sign, or a pole sign.

Once we have the measurements and what needs to go on the sign, we can get a better idea of what we’re making and give an accurate quote. This is a double-sided pole sign that is installed on the corner of the street so cars driving in both directions on the main street, Nordhoff St., can see the information. The sign also has internal illumination so we use a translucent material for the faces. For large sign faces like this, we use Tuf Glas. Tuf Glas is a very strong polycarbonate that is more durable than regular acrylic and is less likely to shatter on impact. It’s common to see broken sign faces around Los Angeles after the Santa Ana winds have come through.

Tuf Glas also comes in large rolls so we can avoid having a seam in a sign face if it is larger than what the acrylic comes in. Regular sign acrylic is limited by certain dimensions so if you need to replace a sign face for a cabinet sign that is 10′ wide, you’ll end up having to use two pieces and you can clearly see a gap in the middle. Although Tuf Glas is more expensive than regular acrylic, it’s more durable and will look better.

To make sure that the logo colors are visible when the sign is lit up at night time, we digitally printed the logo and phone number on translucent vinyl. We need to use translucent vinyl because if we use opaque vinyl, the light will not shine through the color and you will just end up with dark lettering and a dark logo.