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If you have multiple locations or you’re a property manager,  you want to find a sign company you trust to handle all of your signage. Hustler Hollywood has many locations throughout the United States, and we’ve done signage for almost a dozen stores. Their newest store opened up in Sacramento, and they were in need of new high-quality prints for the store’s interior. Although our shop is in Southern California, we have gone to many different cities in California, and even locations in Arizona and Florida for Hustler Hollywood.

Hustler Hollywood does many photo shoots and plenty of photos they can use for their marketing. At every location, we create high-quality digital prints that we mount onto the wall around each store. Sometimes, we make an illuminated light box for the interior, but we did not make one for this location. At the beginning of every one of these jobs, Hustler Hollywood sends over the photos they want to use for the specific store, how big they want each image to be, and where they’re going. We’re then able to create accurate renderings for them so they can approve all of the prints, location, and dimensions before we start production.

We only had a few adjustments during the proofing process which included changing the positioning of one of the photos and changing the background in a photo of Larry Flynt. Once the customer approves the proof, we start manufacturing. These photos are digitally printed onto vinyl, laminated, and mounted onto a sibond backer. Most of these can be done on one print, however, due to the size of our laminator, we are limited to 52″ for one dimension. Most of these prints are narrow one way, but we always have a few images that need to be a little larger. In this case, we split the image in half and make the photo as two sections.

At the shop, we put the two prints as close as possible to reduce the seam in the middle. As you can see from our photos at the shop, there is an obvious seam when they start to put the two parts together but once the print has been installed at the store, the seam is very hard to notice.

We did a total of 8 prints for the Sacramento location and installed them throughout the store on various wall spaces and above archways and doors.