The state of California has some additional ADA sign requirements that go beyond federal regulations, specifically regarding bathroom signage. In many instances, bathrooms will require two signs: those complying with federal laws and those complying with those established by California. California restrooms must be marked by a geometric sign that must be centered horizontally on the door between 58-60″ above the floor as measured from the centerline of the sign. Restrooms for men must have a 14″ thick equilateral triangle sign whose edges are 12″ long that points upwards. Restrooms for women are marked by a circular sign of the same thickness and a 12″ diameter. In both cases, the sign must contrast visually with the door. Unisex restrooms are identified by layering the two signs in the same dimensions, with the circular one on the bottom. In this case, the two symbols must contrast, with the circle also contrasting with the door.