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Custom ADA Signs

Directional, Way-finding Signs and Room Identification Signs. ADA signs help those that are visually impaired navigate in and around buildings.


Custom ADA Braille Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires certain signs to meet ADA compliance by incorporating these different sign elements.


ADA Signs – Imagine yourself in a wheelchair at your favorite store or restaurant for the first time and you need to use the restroom. You navigate through racks of clothes or tables and work on getting the door open. Except when you get the door open and your wheelchair in – you realize there is no way for your chair to fit in the stalls. Awful right? This is totally preventable with a complete ADA sign package. The signs that allow the disabled to know the ins and outs in your establishment are essential for a business’s success. In addition, these signs are legally required in public places, with specific regulations on:

  • Size
  • Height of Installation
  • Contrast
  • Substrate
  • And More

More than just for the convenience of your patrons, there are also strict codes surrounding these signs. Without them, your business risks substantial fines –  amounting as high as $150,000. Our team can help!

Providing Custom Package Options

We have a design team that can provide you with custom options for your ADA signs, ones that lack the monotony of the other ADA signs you see. We can work within the constraints on the requirements for these signs to match your aesthetic, location, and brand.

It begins with our experts completing an in-depth consultation that focuses on the products that will fully meet your needs. Then our team develops a plan to meet those needs with custom design, fabrication, and installation. The final package will bring you long-lasting results!

Are you interested in learning more about custom ADA compliant signs that our professionals offer? Would you like to meet the requirements of your area? Speak with our team today, and we will get you this information and more!

Serving the Greater Southern California Area Including Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, Northridge, Simi Valley, CA

Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, Northridge, Simi Valley