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Articles about past and present projects, including examples of signs we’ve made and little bit about the businesses we’re helping.

Office Logo Sign for Sweet Smiles in Garden Grove, CA

We were recently contacted by Sweet Smiles who shares office space with Lollipop Pediatric Dentistry, an existing customer of ours. Lollipop Pediatric Dentistry and Sweet Smiles both needed a lobby sign for their Garden Grove, California office. As you can see from...

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Custom Lobby Sign for Dentist’s Office in Garden Grove, CA

Recently, we were contacted by an existing customer for a new interior sign. Lollipop Pediatric Dentistry has an existing office in Placentia and now they have a new office in Garden Grove that was in need of a lobby sign. From the photos, you can see that this logo...

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Interior Logo Sign for Lollipop Dental in Garden Grove, CA

A few years ago, Lollipop Pediatric Dentistry contacted us for a lobby sign for their office in Placentia, California. They recently opened a new office in Garden Grove, California so they contacted us to make the same sign for a new location. Your logo is very...

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Custom ADA Signs for Oxnard, CA Private School

We provided and installed custom ADA signs for Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish School in Oxnard, California. You can see one of the room identification signs in the photo with an international symbol of accessibility (ISA) sign. Along with room identification signs and...

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ADA Signs for Our Lady of Guadalupe School in Oxnard, CA

We provided and installed multiple restroom signs, room identification signs, exit signs, and ISA signs for Our Lady of Guadalupe in Oxnard, CA. Our Lady of Guadalupe is both a church and a school and they needed signage for a brand new building on their campus. In...

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Installing Room ID and ISA Signs for School in Oxnard, CA

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish School in Oxnard, California was in need of ADA signs for their new building. Public facilities such as hospitals and schools require ADA signs so those with vision impairment can navigate in and around the building. This is why ADA...

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Pole Sign Refurbishment for Plaza in San Fernando, CA

As a property manager, you have a lot of responsibilities to make sure that your tenants are happy. One of the many factors of tenant improvement is signage. If you're renting space in an outdoor plaza, your business can be hard to see from the street depending on...

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