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Channel letters are custom-formed for your logo and can be internally illuminated with LEDs to be front-lit, reverse-lit, or both. We can also restore your existing channel letter sign with an LED conversion, or creating new faces.  

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Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letters – Ask anyone you know about signs, and they will mention the large bold signs that identify businesses from the exterior. These signs are called channel letter signs and they are the most recognizable outdoor signs. By offering a variety of high impact visuals, these signs leave a memorable impression with consumers.

Many times, these signs include details that optimized their visibility such as LED wiring and 24-hour illumination. Keeping your business identifiable at all hours helps gain valuable prospects from passing consumers. These signs also deliver a dose of branding by utilizing the options that make your image memorable. Some of the details that are the most recognizable for a brand include:

  • Color Matching
  • Stylized Fonts and Lettering
  • High Resolution Images
  • Slogan/Motto/Mission Reiteration
  • Logo Reinforcement

In addition to gaining headway with your brand, channel letter signs are visible from far greater distances, due to their vibrant color and lighting abilities.

Custom Channel Letters

Creating a Custom Product Package

Our design team is on hand to create a custom package from start to finish. We work in the following areas to ensure your sign success:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

Our experts utilize only the highest standards in materials and design for a final package that is both effective and efficient. Our installations offers durability, to keep your sign success coming for a long time to come!

Reach out to our professional sign staff for a free consultation. We will gather your information, such as budget, location, and goals, to begin a channel letter sign package that exceeds expectations. We look forward to working with you!

Custom Channel Letter Signs in Los Angeles

Choosing the right signage for your business is essential to ensure that your brand stays consistent and to help consumers notice and find the business! Resource 4 Signs is a licensed, full-service Channel Letter design studio, manufacturing company, and visual communication expert. We are committed to providing quality products with our primary emphasis on your goals.

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3D Channel Letter Signs in Los Angeles

Channel letters are 3D in nature. Their ability to stand out from the wall of the business contributes to their visibility. How prominent or deep the lettering stands out depends on your design. To truly be classified as a channel letter sign, it has to be a 3D structure, even if the depth is incredibly shallow. Without that internal channel, it’s not technically a channel letter sign.

Illuminated Channel Letter Signs in Los Angeles

Besides giving depth to the sign, the channel’s primary purpose is to allow the sign to be illuminated. Illuminated channel letter signs typically have either neon or LED lighting running through them. While you can still use either option, neon lighting has decreased in popularity over the years, while LED lighting has grown in popularity. Thanks to technological advancements, LED lighting is comparable to neon lighting in quality while at the same time being more energy-efficient. In addition to choosing what you use to illuminate your sign, you can also decide how it’s lit. As it turns out, there are a few options for that too.

Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs in Los Angeles

Front-lit channel letter signs allow the interior lighting to shine through the front of the lettering. These types of signs use clear acrylic for the lettering’s face, which can be tinted the color of your choice. Front-lit channel letter signs are currently the most popular lighting style choice. They stand out very well, no matter if it’s day or night.

Reverse-Lit Channel Letter Signs in Los Angeles

Reverse-lit or back-lit channel letters are the inverses of front-lit channel letters. This type of channel letter lighting allows the lighting to shine out the letters’ back because they are mounted away from the wall. The face is often made from aluminum, while the back is made from clear acrylic. The interior channel is usually painted a bright white to reflect light and help it shine brightly. Since the body of the lettering is dark, it will stand out sharply against the bright light shining out the back, creating a classy outline that draws the gaze of everyone passing by, especially at night.

Halo-Lit Channel Letter Signs in Los Angeles

Halo-lit channel letters and reverse-lit channel letters are the same things. Because this lighting style creates a halo-like glow around the lettering, it’s sometimes referred to as halo-lit. It evokes a softer, more luxurious feel that some businesses may find more appealing and in line with their branding. If the sign’s design doesn’t have much depth, using a halo-lit lighting style can help it stand out more. You’re not limited to using white lighting to give the sign some glow. You can add color customization by choosing the lighting color you prefer. When selecting your color, carefully consider the impression that color will leave on customers. If it’s on-brand and you’re feeling adventurous, you could even choose to use different colored lighting for each letter.

Metal Channel Letter Signs in Los Angeles

Metal channel letter signs often use aluminum as their material of choice. Occasionally steel is used instead of aluminum, especially for smaller reverse-lit channel letter signs. When choosing metal letters for outdoor signs we generally do not recommend steel because of rusting.

Trimcapless Channel Letter Signs in Los Angeles

Modern advancements in signage have provided more benefits than just improving LED lighting to compete with neon lighting. If you want a business’s signs to have a smooth, clean, modern look with sharp, clear edges, then trimless channel letters may be the way to go. This channel letter sign style foregoes the trim cap by using a unique extrusion process. The result is a sign and lettering with crisp, uniform edges that avoid a trim cap’s pitfalls.

Channel Letter FAQs:

What Are Acrylic Channel Letters?

Consider acrylic channel letters for a lightweight lettering option that can be used outdoors and is highly customizable. Acrylic lettering is relatively inexpensive and can be cut and shaped to suit your signage needs. This form of lettering is most commonly stud mounted, so if that’s the property owner’s preference, you may find acrylic channel letters are the way to go. They have clean edges and can be made in a variety of colors to suit your needs. If the signage business you’re using doesn’t offer the font you need, you may still be able to have your exact design created by ordering a custom-made sign.

What Are Vinyl Channel Letters?
We can put vinyl on a front lit channel letter face, but we cannot make vinyl channel letters.
What Is a Backer Panel?

If you want to customize a channel letter sign further, consider adding a backer panel. A backer panel is an optional sign feature typically made from aluminum or ACM. You can use it to optimize channel letters’ appearance by adding contrast and helping them stand out more. It can be instrumental in amplifying the halo effect that reverse-lit channel letters create, though they are useful with front-lit channel letters. Keep in mind that if you use a backer panel with halo-lit channel letters, it’s essential not to use a glossy finish. You might think that it would amplify the lighting best, but having a mirror finish will backfire since you’ll be able to see the reflection of the actual lighting within the lettering.

What Is a Cutoff Switch?

A cutoff switch is an on/off switch for your illuminated channel letter sign. It’s an electrical component and is typically located somewhere on the building’s exterior, the raceway, or individual letter.

What Is a Direct Mount?

Also called a flush mount, a direct mount is a mounting style used for some channel letter signs. This type of mount features letters that are directly attached to the building facade. In the case of halo letters, 1.5′ standoffs are used to attach the lettering.

What Is Stroke Width?

The front of channel letters needs to be thick enough for the manufacturer to make them. The thickness of the front is referred to as the stroke width. Regardless of whether the sign is front-lit or halo-lit, the stroke width needs to be at least 1.5″ unless they’re on the same sign, in which case a minimum stroke width of 2.5″ is necessary.

What Is a Trim Cap?

Trim caps give the lettering of a channel letter sign a finished appearance. They create a fastening surface that attaches to the return of the lettering. They can be required if using traditional fabrication methods. Despite their ability to create a finished appearance, there can be some downsides to having a trim cap. Trim caps are prone to gaping between the return and the face and having a wavy border. Additionally, they may stand out more than is desired since the trim cap’s color may not match the face of the lettering, and it can be hard to paint. Over time, the cap may direct water to drain inside of the lettering, resulting in a dirty face and mold growth within the sign.

How Fast Can You Build a Custom Channel Letter Sign?

Our typical turnaround is 4-6 weeks. However, we can take rush orders. Either way, make sure you plan enough time for us to receive your order, build the sign, and install it before you need it.

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