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5 Channel Letter Sign Questions, Answered

Ever noticed those cool, pop-out letters that advertise the front of a store? Most storefronts use channel letters for advertising because of their eye-catching qualities. To a newer business owner, getting a channel letter sign might seem intimidating or complex. If you are looking to add custom channel letters to the front of your building, but want to know a bit more first, here are the most pressing questions answered before you buy channel letters!

What Are Channel Letters?

Almost all commercial buildings have channel letters, and that’s for a reason. For anyone passing by, they’re a great way to attract the eye and attention in the day, and with lighted channel letter signs, at night as well! Channel letters are 3D signage made up of singular metal or plastic lettering that creates a sign representing a company’s brand and name in one. For this reason, the face, returns, and trim of each letter are very important to consider in the channel letter design. Some people may just pick a color for the face, while others make them LED channel lights that light from the front. Some people choose different colors for their trim cap, some opt for trimless channel letters, and some prefer the return or siding to glow on lighted channel letters. Really, there’s just a lot of potential for customization.

What Are the Advantages of Channel Letters?

Why pick channel letters over other forms of light-up signs? For one, almost all channel letters are made of sturdy, non-erosive, lightweight aluminum, making them a pretty lasting option and sustainable long term. Plus, with front and back-lit channel letters, you’re visible at all times of the day. LED channel letters are also much more efficient, requiring anywhere from 20-60% less energy than neon. Last and possibly most important, channel letters up your company’s credibility instantly. A brand showcased with back-lit channel letters immediately looks more legitimate, prestigious, and worthy of notice.

How Are Channel Letters Made?

At the risk of sounding a bit technical, channel letters are shaped and assembled with special equipment, including a laser, an automated router, and even a waterjet. Their different parts are either fused together at a seam or fixed via a stainless wire and then have a lighting system installed before the trim cap is cut and notched. Finally, a face is applied to the sides. As technology advances, the options available for this craft have only expanded, allowing for a wide variety of customization from a channel letter sign company. That’s why channel letters are safely the best option for helping your storefront stand out.

What Font Should I Use for Channel Letters?

There are a ton of channel letter fonts, but let’s go over the most popular. Helvetica is extremely popular, with over 80 font faces to choose from. Futura is also popular among graphic designers despite its age (fun fact: Futura was created in the early twentieth century). In third place, Garamond is another favored channel letter font to consider. When it comes to choosing a font, you should choose something that matches the brand you already have and that customers can read from afar!

How to Mount Channel Letters

If you’ve looked at channel signs in the past, you may have noticed they’re not always mounted the same. Some are flush against the building, while others have a raceway mounting, making them appear to pop out from the wall. Though raceway is likely the easiest to install, it’s safe to say that attempting to mount letters yourself is never a good idea. If you’ve decided on channel letters for your storefront, let Resource 4 Signs mount your signs for you. They know the technical details of how to get channel letters aligned correctly without damaging either the building or the sign and can make your signage look as professional as possible!

Whether you’re just starting a business or looking to revamp a current location with more visibility, channel letter signs are a great option. They provide an easy and stylish way of promoting brand recognition as well as general notice no matter the time of day. Channel letter signs in the Los Angeles area are ready and available for you to customize!