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lit up blue channel letters that read "XRM MEDIA" installed onto a reception desk Back of reception desk showing the openings used to install the signA an interior logo sign is a great addition to your business. There are many different types of interior signs, and different ways of installation. XRM Media was interested in getting an illuminated letter sign for their reception desk. In order to accommodate the sign, they provided a custom reception desk with space to hold the sign and electricals, and they ran electricity to the desk. Our custom-made channel letters are great for illuminated signage, but have a lot of depth. Our channel letters range from 3-5″ deep, and there is a minimum stroke of 1 1/2″ needed so if you do not have enough space for a channel letter sign, you may need to look into a different type of illuminated sign such as a push-thru letter sign, an illuminated cabinet sign, or a reverse-lit acrylic sign. If you are interested in looking into these options or have any questions, give us a call at 818-349-7400.

blue channel letters that read "XRM MEDIA" installed onto a reception deskClose up of blue channel letters that read "XRM MEDIA" installed onto a reception deskToday we will be focusing on the channel letter sign we made for XRM Media’s reception desk. There are two different lighting styles for channel letters which are front–lit and reverse-lit. Front-lit channel letters have translucent faces and opaque backs, while reverse-lit channel letters have opaque faces and clear backs. When these two lighting styles are combined, we call it a compound channel letter, which is what we made for XRM Media. The faces were routed from translucent white acrylic and we laid translucent Oracal brand Middle Blue vinyl on the acrylic. The returns are made from black aluminum, and are bent to match the faces. The backs are made from clear Lexan and also routed based on the logo. The inside of the channel letters are hollow, and that is where we install the LEDs. We used white LEDs for this sign so when it is lit up, the faces light up blue due to the blue vinyl, and the light that shines back onto the desk is white.