An example of a front lit digital print channel letter sign

Resource4Signs designed and installed a new Font Lit Digital Print Channel Letter Sign for customer Arette located in Los Angeles California.

Hustler Hollywood

Open Faced Front Lit Channel Letters Hustler Hollywood Sign

Open Faced Front Lit Channel Letters Your storefront presentation is crucial if you’re a retail store and signage plays a very important role. The main sign we made was the storefront building sign that displays the business name. Being such an iconic store, it’s important to make sure that the name “HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD” is displayed […]

10 Speed Coffee

Digital Prints on Front Lit Channel Letters

Digital Prints on Front Lit Channel Letters Each sign letter face is a digital print front lit channel letter. To create the border they wanted, we did something a little different from typical front-lit channel letters. Usually, we put trimcap around the flat sign face and attach it to the return. This incidentally creates a […]



Red Colored Acrylic Face Front Lit Channel Letters Being in a shopping center is a great way to advertise to your neighbor’s customers. As they are walking through the parking lot or looking for parking, a large, red front lit channel letter sign is sure to catch their eye. These are also front-lit channel letter […]

Supercuts – Palm Springs

Supercuts Sign

White Acrylic Front Lit Channel Letters Front-lit channel letters are large, 3-dimensional sign letters that have LEDs on the inside so the faces light up. The main storefront sign above the entrance that faces the parking lot is made from translucent red acrylic and red LEDs so the faces light up red at nighttime. The […]

CSUN Matadors

CSUN Matadors

Trimcapless Faces Front Lit Channel Letters In the daytime, you can see the logo colors of red and black, but at nighttime, the letters are illuminated white. We did this by using day and night vinyl on the faces of the letters. The black portions have day and night vinyl, and the red border is painted aluminum […]

Bartz Altadonna

Bart Altadonna Dimensional Letter Sign

A couple of years back we made a channel letter sign for Bartz-Altadonna, a community health center in Lancaster, California. They were so happy with the sign that they asked us to make their next sign for a new location in Palmdale, California. We made the same style of sign which was a front-lit channel […]


Arete Channel Letter Sign

Logo signs are useful for all business types including restaurants, retail stores, and professional businesses. Lobby signs are just signs that are installed in the lobby of a business and are typically of the company’s logo. Lobby signs are very popular for office buildings that have visitors such as a law firm, dentist’s office, or […]