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Room ID and ISA Sign

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish School in Oxnard, California was in need of ADA signs for their new building. Public facilities such as hospitals and schools require ADA signs so those with vision impairment can navigate in and around the building. This is why ADA signage requires raised text and Braille for many signs. Like the signs in the photo the left, many room identification signs with raised text and Braille were paired with ISA signs.

The first step to any ADA project is to go to the location to see what type of signs are needed and how many. Once we get specifications for the design, we send them the submittals. The submittals are much like proofs and the client can review all of the specifications for the order. A few revisions were made and once the submittals were approved, production began.

Most of these signs start with an 1/8″ acrylic panel with the exception of the Fire Riser and Electrical Room signs which are made from .080 aluminum. The acrylic panels are painted and 1/32″ thick tactile copy is applied along with California grade II Braille rasters. These are installed on the wall next to the door on the side it opens. We also made a few restroom door signs. These don’t require Braille or raised text because you would want someone with vision impairment trying to read something on a door that can open. The International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) signs, the Fire Riser sign, and the Electrical Room signs didn’t require raised text or Braille so these were silkscreened. All of the signs use a sans serif font for maximum readability.

Are you looking for some ADA signs for a school? Instead of ordering generic pre-made signs, give us a call with design ideas and we can take your ideas and make them into ADA compliant signs.