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A few years ago, Lollipop Pediatric Dentistry contacted us for a lobby sign for their office in Placentia, California. They recently opened a new office in Garden Grove, California so they contacted us to make the same sign for a new location. Your logo is very important to your branding so they wanted to use a company that they already knew would do a great job of making their colorful logo into a lobby sign.

The photo of the sign on the wood-paneled wall is the first sign we made for their Placentia office. As you can see in the second photo of the newer sign in Garden Grove, “Pediatric Dentistry” was made a little differently this time. As the first sign wasn’t being installed onto a completely flat wall, we put the smaller letters on a backer panel first and installed them as one piece. Since the new sign was being installed onto flat drywall, we were able to install these letters individually.

Lollipop Pediatric Dentistry specializes in dentistry for children and adolescents and focuses on preventative care. Dr. Pham and her team strive to create a “child-friendly” environment for their patients, thus having such a fun and colorful business name and logo.

Many dentist’s offices will invest in a lobby sign because they have many customers coming into the office on a daily basis. Lobby signs make a great first impression on new patients and increase the overall atmosphere of your lobby or reception area.

We’ve done many different lobby signs for many different dentist’s offices and medical offices. Check out some of our favorite signs here. We can make individual letter signs like this one we made for Lollipop Dental, or have the logo displayed on a backer panel. Depending on what your logo looks like, we can do either or a combination of the two to make sure that your sign is true to your logo.