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Have you ever typed in a business’s address into your navigation and ended up in the wrong place? Technology isn’t always reliable, and when it comes to locating a business surrounded by many other businesses, it can be hard to figure out where you need to go without good signage. Let’s Travel is a travel agency that is located in Santa Monica, California. They are on the 2nd floor of a building surrounded by many restaurants and cafes, and they share the building with many other businesses. Being on the 2nd floor can mean that your sign is higher up and more visible, however, due to the tall trees planted on the sidewalk, this isn’t the case for Let’s Travel.

We removed their existing sign and the client was in contact with the landlord to see if they could put another sign around the corner or in a different location that would be seen by more customers, but we were only able to get approval on one logo sign for the side of the building facing the street which was to be in the same spot as the existing sign. Because of this, we tried to optimize the space as much as possible so the sign could be seen from the sidewalk. Their new logo is also red which is helpful, as red is better at attracting attention.

Although advertising to the street is important, the entrance to the office is from the parking lot in the rear so they needed a sign there too. To make sure that customers know where to go once they park, we made a sign with their logo directing customers upstairs to where the office is.

Sometimes when you’re sharing space with many other businesses, you have to work with the advertising space that you have. We optimized the visibility of the signs as much as possible, and the new signs are sure to help Let’s Travel’s clients find where they’re going.