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We were recently contacted by LA Tech Repairs for a new storefront sign. Their company had outgrown their old space and was moving to a new location. After they found our company online, they reached out to us for manufacturing, permitting, and installation of their new signage. As you can see from the photos, we made them a set of reverse-lit channel letters.

After we received their logo and the sign criteria from the landlord, we just needed the┬ádimensions of the storefront so we could lay out the sign design. The first thing we look at when starting on a new exterior sign is the criteria from the landlord if there are any. Many shopping centers will have some standards that the signs need to adhere to. In this case, we just had restrictions on the lighting style, total sign area, and colors allowed. The sign needed to be reverse-lit and luckily, red was one of the allowed colors. If a size restriction is not called out for the sign, we just refer to the city’s sign code. The total sign area that’s allowed is usually dependent on the storefront width. If the landlord is asking for a sign┬áthat is smaller than what the city allows, that is what we will need to go by as we need approval from the landlord before we can pull a sign permit. If the landlord calls out a sign that ends up being larger than what the city allows, we need to go with what the city says as they are the ones that will be issuing the permit.

There are many things that go into an exterior sign before we even start manufacturing. But once we secure the permit, we start production and install the sign as soon as we can. We work hard to create signs that look great, last long, and we follow the right steps to make sure that everything is done correctly.