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AS Aerospace needed a new lobby sign for a new location. They wanted a smaller, non-illuminated version of the channel letter sign we were making for their building. In order to reflect the dimensional look of the channel letters, we made a dimensional letter lobby sign. From the photos, you can see that their logo has a gradient pattern. This was digitally printed onto vinyl using our large format printer and then applied to the face of acrylic letters.

When starting on a lobby sign, the first step we take is to get the measurements of the space to determine the size of the sign and determine how we’re going to make the sign to make it look like the logo. During our first visit to AS Aerospace, they were still renovating the space. They wanted to divide one large room into two smaller rooms by installing a wall, and the sign was to be installed onto the new wall. Since it wasn’t built yet, we got a photo and measurements of the space and added a wall to the photo digitally for the rendering. We later got an actual photo of the wall after it was completed.

In order to make the logo, we decided that printing was the best option so we could make sure that the gradient was included. The letters were flat-cut from black acrylic and the print was laid on the faces. From the side, you can see the black acrylic because the vinyl print is only on the faces. In cases like this, we sometimes paint the sides of the acrylic so they match the face. But due to the gradient, there isn’t just one color that would work for the entire sign, and painting the sides as a gradient would be very expensive and unnecessary. Instead, we use black because it’s a neutral color, and also creates a slight shadow effect.