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Orthodontics LA was looking to re-do some of their signs and was looking for a company online that could handle the scope of their work. There were a few exterior and interior signs so we visited the location to get a better look at the existing signs and to get measurements. The first sign they wanted to move forward with was an interior sign. They wanted to display their logo in the lobby area right above the reception desk. You can see some close-up shots of the acrylic letters we made.

When we first visited the location, we got measurements and photos of every potential sign area so we already had the measurements of the wall that the sign was to go on. They provided us with the logo and although the logo was gray and green, they initially wanted the entire sign to be white so our original plan was to make the entire sign from white acrylic. After seeing a proof of the sign, they decided that they did want to add a little bit of color, and made the bar green. We still used white acrylic, but we painted the bar to match the green in their logo.

All of the letters were routed from 1/2″ white acrylic. The client was concerned that the letters might be too thin and asked about mounting the sign with spacers. We were unsure of whether or not it would look good due to the thin stroke of the letters, so on the day of installation, we brought spacers with us to show the client how the letters would look with and without spacers before we permanently installed the letters. After being able to see the difference, the client decided to have them flush mounted instead of using spacers. As you can see from the photos, the letters are pretty thick, but it’s hard to tell how the sign is going to look without seeing them in person. We’re glad that we were able to show the client how the two different mounting styles would look before we mounted them.