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Check out this banner we made for JB Wholesale Roofing & Building Supply, a family-owned business who is an existing customer of ours. They are located right around the corner from our shop in Chatsworth, California, and they reached out to us to re-do a banner we made for them a couple years back. As you can see from the photo, the design makes good use of the space they have to work with, and they’re able to display all of the information they want to.

Since we were replacing an existing banner that we made, the entire process went pretty smoothly. After they contacted us, we pulled up the art files we had from when we originally made the banner and got all of the proper dimensions. The design was to stay the same so we just sent the same design over to the client for approval before starting on the banner. The approved artwork is printed on the banner material.

We used 13 oz. vinyl banner material. The ounce refers to the weight per square yard. Heavier vinyl is optimal for outdoor signs as they need to withstand the weather conditions. 13 oz. is pretty standard and works great for outdoor banners. Vinyl banners are also more durable as opposed to fabric banners. Fabric banners are better for indoor use. We also reinforced the hems with webbing to help reinforce the grommets and the banner was installed onto an existing frame right behind the chainlink fence.

The information on the banner is pretty straightforward, and something that a person driving by could read easily. Having the logo and some form of contact information is always a good place to start. Their logo clearly states what the business offers, and they listed both their phone number and website since some people prefer calling over the web and vice versa. Lastly, they let everyone know that the business is open to the public so if anyone driving by requires their services right away, they can just pull in.