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A few years back, we had made some signs for So Cal Spa Removal’s trailer and he reached out to us recently to have them redone. You want the information on your vehicle to be concise so it can be read quickly. From the photo, you can see that So Cal Spa Removal simply has their logo, phone number, website, and license number.

The client brought the trailer in for us to take a look at it. We measured the signs and surveyed the existing graphics. We had originally made these signs a while back, so the graphics were starting to wear out a bit. We had digitally printed the information and while we did laminate the prints for UV protection, the ink can fade if it’s exposed to sunlight constantly for years. This time, we decided to use cut vinyl on white aluminum.

We did make a few changes to the design. When the trailer was at our shop, the designer noticed that part of the text was being covered up a little bit by the spare wheel on the passenger side. Because of this, we moved all of the text up a little to make sure that all of the information could be seen. The original signs had a little more text under the logo that read “REO clean up”, “debris clean up”, and “sprinkler repair” in bullet points. The client decided to remove this for the new signs which make it a little easier to read all of the information.

The logo and all of the information was cut from black vinyl and applied to .080 white aluminum. For many vehicle graphics, we apply the vinyl directly to the vehicle but in this case, the textured surface doesn’t allow that so we mounted the graphics onto a backer panel first, and the panel was mounted with rivets on the trailer.