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Poms & Associates, an insurance agency in Los Angeles, CA, had reached out to us for a new nameplate for their office. We’ve been making signs for them for a few years now, and they just needed one new nameplate. As we’ve been making the same nameplates for them for years, the process is pretty simple. The only thing that changes is the color, depending on which branch location the sign is for. As you can see from the photos, this location has nameplates with a blue detail.

As we already have all of the specifications saved, the proofing process was a breeze. All the client has to do is approve the quantity and the color and we’re good to go. These signs consist of two rectangular pieces of clear acrylic that are 2″ x 10″, and 1 square piece of blue acrylic. The blue acrylic is attached to the front of the clear acrylic sheets, and all of the acrylic is attached to a 1/2″ x 1/2″ bar of aluminum. The client can easily slip a sheet that has the employee’s name between the two clear sheets of acrylic and they can¬†change the name out as needed.

For many office signs like this, the information that needs to be changed is made separately¬†as a person’s name, a company name, or a tenant name can change on a sign, but the rest of it stays the same. If we’re making a suite ID sign, the suite number is also permanent as that is something that it’s going to change.

We’ve made a few nameplates for Poms & Associates that are meant to be placed on a desk, but these were wall-mounted so we went to the location after the sign was finished to install it for them. The new sign is identical to the existing nameplates and looks great in the office interior.