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We recently took a visit to Dallas, Texas for a new Hustler Hollywood store. Hustler Hollywood is a longtime customer of ours who has close to two dozen stores nationwide. They have been very happy with our work and likes to have us personally install the signs at each location. You can see from the photos that we made a few graphics to go in the interior of the store.

Whenever Hustler Hollywood has a new store, they let us know that they need graphics pretty early on so we can try to make sure that they’re ready and installed in time for the store opening date.

We¬†usually make the first visit to the store while they’re still renovating so in some cases, we measure where a wall is going to be because it hasn’t been built yet. Once they send over the photos that they wish to display, we can start on some renderings. Since the size of the graphics is based on the wall space, sometimes the photos don’t get cropped as they expected so it’s crucial to have the client approve the proof and renderings before we begin production. They may also decide that another photo will work better in that space and have us change the artwork.

Once the proofs are approved, we can start production. The artwork they provided is digitally printed on vinyl and laminated. We then adhere the vinyl on sibond, which is a rigid material that we use for many different types of signs. The material itself is 3mm so it’s not too thick or heavy, while still creating a nice backer panel for the graphics. Mounting them onto a backer panel looks nicer than just putting the graphic directly on the wall. In the past, we have also added frames to these digital graphics.