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Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television was in need of a building sign. We made them two channel letter signs to go on different sides of the building. They wanted an individual letter sign that could light up at nighttime which is why we made channel letters. You can tell from the photos that this is a reverse-lit channel letter sign because the lighting is coming from the back, and the faces and sides of the letters are solid and opaque.

After discussing the sign design with the client, the next step was to visit the location to get all of the needed measurements for the sign. Along with the building sign, we were working on a few interior signs and another exterior sign so we took a lot of measurements in and around the building. A very important thing to look for when doing a site survey for an illuminated sign is to check what kind of access we have behind where the sign is going. We use LEDs for our signs, but whether you use LEDs, fluorescent, or neon, you need to be able to hook the sign up to electricity for the LEDs to light.

For this sign, we installed a raceway inside of the building on the other side of where the sign was installed. Sometimes, if we don’t have any access behind the sign, we install the raceway on the face of the building and the sign is installed on the raceway.

You can see from the installation photos that the back of the sign with the LEDs is clear, and the rest of the sign is solid metal. We used color-changing RGB LEDs so although the sign was illuminated purple at the time of installation, the client can change the LED colors whenever they want.