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Schools of all sizes can require many different types of signs from a school name sign to interior wayfinding signs. We’ve helped elementary schools, universities, and charter school with both interior and exterior signage. One of the signs that we did for Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television is their room identification signs. This school was in a new building in Playa Vista and had no interior signage yet. Schools have many different rooms which serve many different purposes, and room identifications signs are crucial to make sure that students and faculty can navigate to the correct classrooms and offices smoothly. Room identifications signs also need to be ADA compliant, so they all have raised text and Braille along with other specifications needed to pass inspection. You can see from the photos that we made two different types of room identification signs. One kind to just display the room number, and another that has the room number and a business card holder as part of the sign where the client can put in changeable information.

The room number isn’t something that is going to change, so that information can be permanent. However, for the offices, the person occupying the office may change and you don’t want to have to get a new sign made every time the information changes. When making room or suite identification signs for offices or office buildings, we usually have one piece of the sign with the suite or room number in raised text or Braille, and another part where you can either slip in information like these business cardĀ holders or remove an entire section that can be replaced.

Our office signs are customizable so we can use different styles and colors to match your interior decor. There are restrictions on fonts, colors, and finishes, so you can consult with us to make sure you get signs that you love that are ADA compliant.