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Exterior dimensional letters can be made from numerous different materials, and are completely customizable thanks to our CNC router and the many paint colors that are available. SV Marketplace needed some signs for their building to display the address numbers, the entrance to the parking area, and the clearance for the parking. The address numbers and the “ENTRANCE” sign didn’t need to be illuminated but did need to be 3-dimensional, individual letters which is why we decided to make them exterior dimensional letter signs. The clearance sign didn’t need to be dimensional, so we just put black vinyl lettering onto a white aluminum backer panel.

The signs were meant to be very straightforward and easy to read. Address number signs usually use a sans-serif font, and it’s a good idea to use a color that contrasts with the building wall so it’s easier to read. For example, if you have a dark wall, lighter letters will show up better and vice versa. The building was recently repainted and the section of the building where the signs were going was gray, so the client decided to go with white lettering.

We started with a sheet of 1/2″ thick white acrylic. The characters were routed from the material, and installed onto the building with studs and silicone. Acrylic already comes in white so after routing, all we needed to do was tap the letters with the studs needed for installation. To install the characters, we simply drill a hold on the building wall using a pattern to make sure that the holes are in the right place, fill the hole with silicone, and stud the letters into the wall.

For the clearance sign, we routed a 10″ x 70.75″ rectangle from a sheet of white painted aluminum and applied black vinyl lettering onto it. This sign was mounted underneath the “ENTRANCE” letters using anchors and screws.