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The easiest way to convey information in a parking lot 24/7 is with signs. Our client, SV Marketplace, is in a shopping center with an outdoor parking lot that is private property. In order to make sure that the public was aware of this, we made them signs to be installed all around the parking lot. From the photos, you can see that there were two main signs that we made. One regarding parking, and another to convey that there is no lodging, loitering, soliciting, or trespassing allowed.

Finding parking can be frustrating, and it can be even more frustrating if the business you’re visiting has designated parking, but it’s always full. SV Marketplace has its own covered parking on the first floor the building which people are unlikely to park in unless they are actually visiting that building. However, the rest of the parking lot is very large and open. The center is surrounded by houses, and there is a high likelihood that people will park in the shopping center’s parking lot for convenience. If another business around them has more customers than their own parking lot will handle, those customers may take up another business’s parking. In either situation, it’s not fair to the patrons, and having multiple signs to show that they enforce this rule is a good way to make sure that your customers have convenient parking. In order to make sure that both employees and customers are comfortable, they also make sure that there is no one loitering, soliciting, lodging, or trespassing on the property.

We made a total of 10 signs, 5 of each type. There were a few existing posts that we installed the signs onto, and we provided 5 new posts where they were needed. Some of the posts had both signs, and a couple of them just had one so these are spread all throughout the parking lot including the entrances, and in between rows.