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We made an acrylic backer panel lobby sign for Genesis LA in Downtown Los Angeles. As you can see from the photos, this sign was installed right above the reception desk so anyone visiting the organization will see it when they first enter the office.

To make this custom lobby sign, we started with a clear acrylic backer panel. We can put a logo directly onto a wall, or mount it on a backer panel first. The client chose the backer panel option. They sent us their logo and we made it into a 3-dimensional sign by routing the letters and the outline of the buildings in the logo from acrylic. The letters were custom painted to match their logo as close as we could. The buildings were digitally printed and applied to the acrylic piece that we cut to the outline.

You can see that the backer panel isn’t completely clear. To add a little background behind the logo without adding color, we can add etched vinyl to the back of the acrylic panel. The etched vinyl creates a frosted glass effect and can be applied to any flat, clear surface as an alternative to actual frosted glass. The etched vinyl is applied 2nd surface, and the dimensional letters and logo are applied first surface.

As the panel is see-through, we can’t install it with adhesive or studs because you would be able to see it through the acrylic. Instead, we install signs like these with standoffs. We use drilled holes into all four corners of the acrylic panel and mounted the sign with four silver standoffs. The standoffs are secured to the wall with screws and anchors, so they are able to hold up the acrylic panel.

Acrylic panel signs look great in offices and you can use them to display anything from logos, photos, or quotes.