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West Hills Church originally found us online and reached out to us recently for some updates on their existing monument sign. There were a few things we updated on the sign to make it as good as new. We replaced the existing faces with new white acrylic faces with black vinyl text. We also included clear Lexan panel protectors to cover the new faces. The sign used to say “West Hills Church” on the sign faces, but since we were changing the information on the faces, we put the┬áname of the church permanently on the actual monument sign using black acrylic dimensional letters.

The sign is meant to look like a church with a steeple and windows. Both the frame and the backing for the “glass” was getting worn out, so we repainted the window frames white, and backed the frame with white acrylic. The sign also lights up at nighttime, but the entire sign wasn’t lighting up so we replaced one of the ballasts and 5 lamps for them.

The monument sign is installed near the street, so they wanted to update the sign to attract new members. Making sure that your exterior signage is up to date is very important because the condition of your sign will reflect what people will think about your business or organization. If your sign is dimly lit, part of it is out, or if there are parts missing, the sign will not give off a good impression of your company.

These new updates will definitely help attract new members to the church and will help provide updated information to current members regarding time and days for worship services. The sign also displays the website now, so anyone can visit the website to get more information if necessary.

Are you looking for a new monument sign or interested in updating your current monument sign? Give us a call today so we can provide some recommendations on how we can improve your exterior advertising.