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Beverlywood HOA is remodeling Circle Park in Beverlywood, California and reached out to us for some new signage for the park. One of the signs we manufactured for them was a set of dimensional letters for the monument sign. Their contractor had already permitted and installed the base of the monument sign so all they needed us to do was make and install letters that read “CIRCLE PARK”.

We received a mockup of the monument sign design which called out all of the dimensions including the desired height for the letters, which was 7″. In the first proof, the letters were dark green and we used a bold font. The client didn’t like how it looked so they decided to change the color from dark green to brown and switched to a thinner font. They were happier with the color, but we went through one more font change before they finalized the design.

If we are not modifying any part of the existing monument sign and we’re just adding new faces or letters, we do not need to pull a permit so once the design was approved, we started on production. The letters were cut from 3/8″ thick aluminum and we painted it to a color that was specified by the client. The letters were mounted flush with studs and silicone into the concrete monument sign. The color they chose looks great with the rest of the monument sign and it is sure to help people locate and identify the park easily.

Do you have an existing monument sign that you want to update the information on? Whether you have an illuminated monument sign in a shopping center or a non-illuminated stone sign in a park, we can help you update your exterior signage. Give us a call today to get started on your custom signage.