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Specialized Fitness Solutions found us online when they were looking for a sign company for their new building sign. Special-fit, a fitness program, and Winning Edge Fitness, a gym and training site share a space in Chatsworth, so they were looking for two signs for each logo. As you can see from the photos, the finalized sign was a mounted digital print with the two logos and “Specialized Fitness Solutions” underneath.

In the original design, we were going to have the two logos as separate signs and each one was going to be installed on the top corners of the building facing the street. This would help reflect that the two businesses were in the same building and shared the same entrance. The businesses were right in our neighborhood so it was very easy to visit the location to get the measurements needed to start on a quote. After determining what size signs would look good in the space, we were able to provide an accurate quote for what they needed.

We went through a few design changes, from changing the color of the lettering, the backer panel, and proportions of the logo and letters. We eventually ended up merging the two signs into one sign and installed it above the main entrance that both businesses share. We had explored dimensional options where the logo and letters would be flat-cut from acrylic, but the final approved sign was a mounted digital print.

After the layout of the artwork was finalized, we digitally printed it on 3M brand vinyl. The print was laminated with Glossy Oragauard 210, and laid onto a 52″ x 120″ sheet of sibond. The entire panel was flush mounted to the building with screws and anchors. To make sure that the screws didn’t stand out too much, we painted them white to match the backer panel.