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Hustler Hollywood is an existing customer of ours that has many retail locations. We have done signs for many of their stores, and this time they reached out to us for a sign for their warehouse. The sign didn’t need to light up so we made them an exterior acrylic dimensional letter sign. As you can see from the photos, this sign is very low-key because it’s not meant to be an advertising sign, but a building identification sign. This is why we decided to do an acrylic dimensional letter sign instead of a channel letter sign or another type of illuminated sign.

Although the design process for this sign was fairly quick and simple, we still needed to get the sign permitted before we could start making it. All exterior signs need to have a permit pulled before we can install. We also wait to have a secured permit before ordering the material because we never know if the city is going to request any changes. During the quoting process, the letters are laid out digitally on a sheet of acrylic by our designer to determine how much acrylic we’re going to need for the sign. Once the tenant, landlord, and the city have all given their approval for the sign design, we order the necessary material.

As the sign is just made up of black letters, we started with a sheet of 1/2″ thick black acrylic. The letters are routed out and tapped with studs so they can be stud mounted. Before installation, a pattern is made with a layout of where the studs are so the installers can drill the holes in the correct places on the wall. The holes are filled with silicone, and the studs are pushed into their proper holes. This assures that the sign will stay put, and continue to help Hustler with identifying their warehouse.