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Our long-time customer, IDS Real Estate, recently reached out to us for some more signs for one of their properties, Westlake North Business Park. They entitled, designed, developed, and leased Westlake North Business Park, a Class A office campus that is located in Westlake Village. The complex consists of 3 two-story buildings that total $330,000 sq. ft. We have done many signs for IDS Real Estate and Westlake North Business Park, but the reason that they reached out to us most recently was because they needed to make some changes to their tenant signage.

Like most office buildings, Westlake North Business Park has a directory sign in the lobby, and suite identification signs so people the office can navigate smoothly. When a new tenant moves in, moves out, or moves to another suite, signage needs to be updated to reflect the change to make sure that all of their directional information is up to date.

There were two suite signs that needed to be updated. We’ve made these suite signs before, so they already had the marble backer panel for one and both the backer panel and the clear acrylic panel for the other so we made them a clear acrylic panel with the tenant’s name and the logo for Westlake North Business Park in white vinyl, and just a white vinyl graphic of the tenant’s name to add to the existing sign that already had the suite number and the Westlake North Business Park logo.

As you can see from the photo, the directory sign is illuminated. The directory strips are composed of two layers; one with the lettering engraved and a solid, clear layer that the light can shine through.

Now both our client and their tenant can rest assured that their customers will be able to locate and navigate to their suite easily.