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Designing a directory sign can be pretty easy if you’re just listing information to be posted on each floor. But after years of experience in sign making, we understand that information like room names are subject to change so we can’t make the information a directory sign permanent. A couple of years ago our long-time customer, McRory Pediatric Services, bought a building in Tarzana and moved locations from the building they were renting in Encino. We had made some signs for their Encino location that we moved over, but they also needed us to make a few new signs.

The new building was 3-stories tall, and they needed a directory sign on each floor that would list the different room, departments, and programs located on each floor. They had provided us with some photos of signs that they liked which were brushed metal backer panels with clear acrylic panels mounted on them with standoffs so we used the same style for the directory signs. The backer panel is brushed sibond which is a polycarbonate sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum, and the information was made from black vinyl lettering and adhered to a clear acrylic backer panel. We gave them a few different design options which included making each line removable including the logo, making each line removable except for the logo, and putting everything on one panel.

As you can see from the photos, the client ended up going with the last option. If something changes on the directory sign, we can just replace the acrylic panel rather than replacing the entire sign. Even having the backer panel separate can help because screwing off four standoffs and putting a new acrylic panel up is much easier than tearing an entire sign off of the wall, patching and painting the area, waiting for the paint to cure, and putting a new sign up. These signs are installed with VHB so the wall can get damaged during removal.