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Westside Property Management reached out to us for a new lobby sign for their Santa Monica office. As you can see from the pictures, we made them a logo sign that displays their logo on an acrylic backer panel. When the client initially reached out to us, they had not finalized their logo but they were renovating the office and had already decided on a space for the sign to go. They were going to install lights on the ceiling close to the wall to shine light on the sign.

As they had not decided on a logo yet, we weren’t able to give them an accurate quote as the initial designs were for a dimensional letter sign, and the design of the logo would determine the cost. We were also trying to figure out how to layer the circle, waves, the trees, and the sun in a way that would look good as an interior sign. The client went to a logo designer to get a few different renditions of the logo to help them decide what they wanted for the sign, however, after seeing different logos, they decided that their first design was their favorite, and they simply had us vectorize the logo for them.

After playing around with different ways of layering the components of the logo, we decided that it would look best if we left the logo flat, and used an acrylic backer panel for mounting. The client was also happy with this option and we ended up with this final design that you see in the photos.

The backer panel looks frosty because we used a matte acrylic. The client was worried that a glossy finish would create too much glare due to the lights so he requested a matte finish acrylic. We also laminated the digitally printed logo with matte laminate instead of the gloss finish that we normally use,