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When L’Etiquette Hair Salon was planning to open its doors, they reached out to us for their interior and exterior signage. For their exterior sign, we made them a front-lit channel letter sign for the building. You can see from the photos that their company logo is not the main focus of the sign, the description of what their business is, “HAIR SALON” is the most prominent thing on the sign. This is pretty common for storefronts when the name of the company may not necessarily be well known, but they want to let the public know that they are a hair salon.

If they just had a sign that said “L’Etiquette” when they first opened, most people would not immediately know what the business is. Some businesses will have their logo/company name and a tagline that further explains the business services. There are a few different ways to approach this depending on your goals, but in L’Etiquette’s case, having “HAIR SALON” as the main focal point will help bring in walk-ins or new customers that frequent that shopping center for other businesses.

L’Etiquette Hair Salon not only offers hair cutting and styling, but you can also take a visit for nail services such as manicures, pedicures, and nail designs. While you’re there, you can also get a spa package with a facial so you can feel relaxed, and look great with your new hairstyle.

The sign is black in the daytime but illuminates white at nighttime for optimum advertising. The salon is located off of Ventura, a major street in the San Fernando Valley. Although they are not directly facing the street, having an illuminated sign will help them advertise not only to other patrons of the shopping center but to people who are driving on the busy street of Ventura Blvd.