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Sigue Corporation is a money transfer service company with multiple locations in just Los Angeles alone. They have an office in East Los Angeles that they wanted to get an interior logo sign for. Prior to working on the East Los Angeles office, they had initially reached out to us for their Sylmar office where we made them an interior sign and an exterior sign. Because of this, we already had their logo file and knew what they wanted their sign to look like. As you can see from the photos, this sign has a metallic look. However, this was not always the sign design.

When we first started talking about the logo sign, we were going to incorporate more color into it and include the tagline. The horse was to be black, the “S” in Sigue green, “igue” red, and a tagline that read “ENVIOS DE DINERO” underneath in black. During the design revision, they decided to switch from the multi-colored design to an all silver design. They decided to keep it silver and wanted to see how a different tagline would look, “A su servicio AQUI y alla!” They asked to see mockups and renderings of the signs side by side with and without the tagline so they could make a final decision on the design. Seeing a rendering showing how the sign will look on the wall can really help you see how the sign will look in real life, and help you see whether or not you want to make any changes. Sigue decided to leave out the

These are acrylic letters with metal laminate on the faces. We started with 1/2″ thick black acrylic that was laminated with brushed aluminum. The logo was routed from the acrylic with metal laminate to create the 3-dimensional logo sign.